It is the sails, not the gales that determine the destination

The way the wind blows does not determine the direction the boat goes. Think of when Columbus discovered America, if he could only go the way the wind was blowing, he would have never made it to land on either side.

Explaining how a boat can go in the opposite direction of the wind will take too many words but suffice it to say, even when the wind is against you, it is the adjustment of the sails, not the gales that allow the boat to still stay on course.

It is like that in life also. Many people just go the way the wind (the events around them) is blowing when they can adjust their sails (attitude and determination) to stay on course going forward. There are times when the wind (the events) wants to blow us in a different direction, so we must man the sails and the rudder, so we still go where we are headed. It is a decision. KT

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