Without the test, there is no testimony

We have all heard great and inspiring speeches from people that came from nothing and made it into something. We have also heard many people give a testimony about a very difficult period in their life and how they got through it. What I have never heard (maybe someone has) is an inspiring speech of a person that had everything given to them and never had to struggle and succeeded at everything they ever did. If there is a spokesperson like that, no one cares about what they say. People want to be inspired by the testimony of other people who went through a real test period in their life and were able to stand and give a testimony of how they got through it.

I could write for ten pages of stories like Ford, Chrysler, Microsoft, Lincoln, Churchill, Holiday Inns, MLK, Starbucks, Marriott etc. when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, only to come through the struggle.

Why am I writing this? When we are in a dog fight of life or deep struggle, the very last thing we think about is how this struggle will help give us a great testimony when it is over. All you care about is getting through the struggle. Thank goodness when we think back on hard times in our life, we have the human ability to turn those struggle periods into a message that can help others. I have had plenty of life tests as I am sure you have as well, and it is the test periods that give voice to our testimony. Without the test, we really wouldn’t have the testimony. KT

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