The luxury of time

The greatest luxury in life, is time.

I wrote a very similar blog some seven years ago, but I was reminded today of the power of the statement. I carry this little piece of paper with this quote on it clipped to the front page of my calendar book.  I look at every workday. My daughter gave it to me many years ago and it is special. The little piece of paper is getting faded and ragged, but I still see it every workday and it reminds of how blessed I am (we all are) that we have today and that tomorrow is never promised.

If you are young and healthy you may think the next car, or the next vacation is the definition of luxury. If are old enough to get past the superficial definition of luxury, you realize that time is simply the most sought-after luxury this world offers. If you have had a health scare or a bad diagnosis or lost hope in your life, you know that time is the greatest luxury this life has to offer. When you are looking at your grandchildren and you realize you have much less time in front of you than you do behind you, time becomes very important. Lastly, if you are on the one-yard line of life looking into eternity, trust me, you are not thinking about the next car or vacation or what your stock portfolio is worth. You are only thinking about time.

The other day I was driving up to our lake house to meet with a general contractor and it happened in a blink of an eye. I felt God nudge me to turn off the radio and be in that moment. I turned everything off and said, ok God, show me. I looked at the world around me without all the distractions and realized the beauty and the peace (and the value) of that moment. I said a quiet thank you to God for reminding me that the moments around us is where the beauty of life is.

It is like when your daughter or son comes to you for advice knowing full well, you would move mountains for them if needed or the total focus in your grand child’s eyes as they tell you about their day. When they say, I love you, everything else fades away and you just know this is a moment that will be seared into your memory. That my friends, is the essence of the most important and most powerful luxury this life has to offer.

So, take a moment today to look around you and to look at your loved ones and whisper a prayer of thanks to God for letting you be in that moment and to see that level of pure luxury. KT

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  1. AMEN!!!!! to that brother. I love this time in my life and the privilege to just enjoy my time with GOD, family, and friends.

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