Window sale tags

When you enter the front of our house, you walk into a two story foyer and see the steps on your left that go to the second floor. There is a set of three windows on the second floor that overlook the foyer and unless you focus on the second story windows, you really forget they are there.

The other night I was up on the second floor landing working on the air conditioner vent and while thinking about the vent, I was staring at these windows on the second floor. I don’t remember ever really looking at the windows except in passing. Well, as I was looking at the windows and the blinds, I noticed that there are big price tags hanging on each of the three window blinds. I don’t mean a little sticker. I am talking about a 3 inch by 2 inch hanging tag.

I started to laugh and called Elaine to come see. We have lived in this house for 16 years and never knew the tags were still hanging on 3 windows in our foyer. We have had countless parties, Christmas gathering and guests over the 16 years The funny thing is that once we saw the tags, now we see the tags every time we walk by the windows.

I started wondering how many things in my life and in other people’s lives have we walked by and just not seen what was in front of us. It could be tags on the windows or it could be something much more serious like a loved one who needs attention, help and connection.

It’s just a thought, but just maybe we all need to really pay attention to those around us and see the tags in our lives that have the words printed on it that says “look at me.” KT

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