Eating fried chicken

One of my very first jobs in life was at the Davis Brothers Cafeteria in Morrow Georgia. I was a dish washer. Davis Brothers Companies owned cafeterias and hotels all over the southeast. You may already know where this is going.

As a side note, I think everyone should work in a restaurant for their first job. It will force you to go get an education or better yourself so you never have to do it again. Ha

So me and my three buds are all either cleaning tables, emptying trash, mopping the floors or washing dishes. In the kitchen, the fryer and grill was right beside where we would wash the dishes. It took us about 2 hours to figure out that the fresh fried chicken was easily accessible to the person washing the dishes. Of course I never ate any of the chicken because that would have been against the rules. Right? Just kidding. I broke every one of the rules. Ha

By the second night of dish washing, we figured out that when the manager walked away, the freshly fried chicken was left unattended. I would fill a rack of dishes, eat a piece of chicken. Fill another rack of dishes, eat another piece of chicken. By the end of each shift, I had probably eaten 20-30 pieces of chicken. I also discovered that being the dish washer was much more advantageous to my appetite that mopping the floors. I therefore, became the best dish washer anyone has ever seen. I also ate more fried chicken than anyone has ever seen! Needless to say, when I went on my official dinner break,,, pause and laugh, I didn’t order fired chicken.

A couple of years ago John Davis who is the son of the founder of Davis Brothers, called to hire us to sell a hotel for him. John Davis is a great American and a really good guy. After we sold his hotel, we were talking one day and I told him about my chicken eating story at the Morrow Davis Brothers Cafeteria when I was 16 years old. We both started laughing and got a good kick out of the 40 year old story. I guess it was a good thing I wasn’t working in liquor store. Ha. KT

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