Why do you do what you do

Why do you do what you do is really a good question. Are you just going through the motions of life, or is there a purpose for what you do?

I am a salesman, and I have found that if I know in advance why I sell and know what I plan to do with the income from the sale, it makes me a better salesman. Over the years, I have been to a hotel that wasn’t sold yet that I was trying to sell, and I would verbally confess/pledge to myself the tithe on the income from the sale of that hotel. Sounds weird, right?  The Apostle Paul said to “call those things that be not as though they were.” See, I believe faith comes from hearing the word of God spoken, even if it’s hearing my own voice.

We all need a reason for what we do, and it doesn’t matter what the job or what the role because we seem to get lost in life’s meaning if we don’t have a plan. One of my plans is to tithe to my local church and to do it on a percentage basis regardless of how large or how small the income is. A tithe is a singular term and a singular act; it is supposed to be given to the body of believers you are involved with. A gift is what you give above the tithe. I find that when I do this, it enables me to look at every hotel I sell as part of God’s plan. Now, I will assure you that every deal doesn’t close and there are issues, but in the long view of life, I believe I will accomplish more because of this little decision. Elaine and I made this decision when we were a young married couple. I believe when you make this decision, you will look back on life and see God’s hand in helping you through the good times as well as the tough times.

A few years ago, one of the Wall Street investment fund managers was being interviewed and they asked him what the greatest investment was. Without a pause, he said that tithing is the best return investment there is. The news media was stunned, and you never heard about this interview because it didn’t make it to prime time news because of his answer. One of the smartest men I know told me once to always tithe 10% and save 10% as a life goal and learn to live on the balance.

As strange as it may sound, I find that if “IT” is well with my soul financially, and if I am in right standing before God in this area, it affects every area of my life from business, family, and personal. There is something about a right heart that to me seems to make life more enjoyable.  KT

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  1. I’ve heard it said that the tithe is a reminder that everything we have belongs to God. We cannot serve God and Money. Anything we put before Him becomes an idol, and our God is a jealous God–jealous for our affection. As believers, we cant give that affection to “things.” Good word, Keith!

  2. We were sitting by the fire at Vogel State Park when I asked you and Aunt Elaine what the key to a successful marriage and life was. You said “Tithe”. Lizzy and I have tithed, with any and all income and have been blessed because of it. Both in our finances and in other parts of our lives. I am very thankful for those talks, whether at Vogel or the lake house, or in the front seat of your impala.

  3. Giving of your time, as you can very well see is a great tithe and investment as well. Love you Keith

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