We live in a world where there are many points of division that the news media try to get us to believe. There are too many to list entirely but to name a few: where you live, who you are, how you vote, education, race, background, religion, financial, cool, or uncool, height, weight, hair, and the list is endless.

Over the last couple of years there are two words/soundbites if you will, that many think are a new thing. Inclusion and lean in.

I am here to tell you that neither term is new. They were both addressed in the bible thousands of years ago. Jesus said, “whosoever will, may come.” Whosoever means anyone and everyone regardless of all the differences we are told to see today. Anyone is welcomed, included, and accepted.

The book of proverbs uses the term lean when it says, “lean not on you own understanding. Another translation is “lean into me.”

As we go through our lives today, dwell on the word “whosoever” a little bit. There is no separation. It is so clear and so very simple. As you read or listen to the news today it would do us all good to remember that the creator of the universe accepts whosoever will come. KT

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