When God leads

I was asked by a guy friend recently to help him figure out the path forward with a financial problem he was having. He wanted me to loan him the money and I said, no.

It has been my experience that when you have an issue and ask God what to do, he always answers. He may not tell you every step to take but will tell you the first step to take. It is also my experience that if you don’t take the first step, he won’t tell you any more steps until you do the first one.

Within two minutes I knew what the problem was with my friend. I also knew that he knew, what God had already told him to do and that he wasn’t doing it. I won’t get into what that thing was in case he reads this blog. Ha. His issue was much larger than the current financial issue. It involved his ego and personal image that he has been portraying all his adult life. His image problem caused him to make some wrong financial moves to further tell the world, “Look at me, this is who I am.”

I told him he wasn’t that person anymore and until he corrected this image problem, he will continue to be held hostage by it. “In fact,” I said, “unless you resolve this image issue, you will be in the same place financially five years from now.”

I don’t think I got through to him, because he still hasn’t made the changes we talked about. When God speaks, it is a soft, quiet voice in your spirit, but make no mistake, you know it is from God. Therefore, if God has already told you something to do, and you haven’t done it yet, you may need to get started. If you don’t, you might find yourself in the same place, singing the same song, second verse five years from now. KT  

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