Who you are meant to be

If you want to have a real self-assessment, ask yourself the question, “who am I meant to be and am I on track to be that person?”

Many people live their entire lives without ever knowing the real “who” they were meant to be. It is like standing on a street and looking at a house; we want to paint the shutters, trim the yard, fix the mailbox, and basically making the house look good for others to see. What we fail to do is fix the foundation that is cracking. It looks good, but it is a surface image only.

I’m not saying I have this figured out entirely for my own life, but I do take this inventory from time to time. What I can tell you is that knowing you are doing what you are supposed to be doing is actually a very freeing experience. The paint and shutters may still look bad, but in your heart you know that fixing the foundation will eventually allow you to make the outside appearance line up with the inside.

It is much like the difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is surface and joy is deep. Happiness will only last so long and then the real you shines through. With happiness, you don’t have joy, but when you have joy, you almost always have happiness.

Ask God to give you a vision of who you are supposed to be. Everyone is not meant to be the President of the US or the founder of a company like Facebook. Many times, just being who you are supposed to be brings a peace and inner joy that is immeasurable.

If we took a survey of the top 10 things people really want, we would find that joy, peace and contentment are often on the top of the list. The worldly possessions don’t seem to be very important when you are at the 5-yard line of life. What is important is the relationship you have with God and your family.

Some of the most confident and joy-filled people I have ever been around were not wealthy or heads of companies, but were simply who they were meant to be. The Bible says that where envy and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. Satan uses envy and strife to keep us from being who we were meant to be.

The message for the day is to start being and seeing who you are meant to be. KT

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