When you think of the word “settled,” it can be interpreted several ways. It can mean to conform, be complacent, and just settle for where you are in life. It can also mean to have a settled spirit as well as be calm and at peace with where you are going.

I am speaking of the second one. Anxiety destroys calmness and peace. Being settled is part of that thought process. It is like the peace that comes over you by knowing you are where you are supposed to be and doing what you are supposed to do. I am not sure we ever reach the finish line and say, “ok, I have made it and I am complete.” Rather, I believe as long as we are alive there are reasons and purposes for our lives.

Father’s Day was yesterday, and it was a fantastic time to be with my girls, their husbands and my precious little granddaughters. We were at church yesterday, and I was thinking about time and how fast it seems to be going. I saw a father with two little daughters in grade school and middle school, and it seems like that was me just last year. Yet, the last 15 years have escaped me and now my little girls are grown women with their own families.

I think much of life’s joy is about embracing what life stage you are in and having objectives, hopes, and plans about your future.  I think the objective is to be moving forward, regardless of the life stage you are in. Not forward via anxiety, but forward via having your heart settled that you are going where God wants you to be going. KT

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