When you need God to show up and show out

Sometimes in our lives we need God to show up and show out. Show up with his grace and peace and show out with his favor and blessings. In these times, we need God to fix things and to protect us from embarrassment and harm. This is precisely what the 23rd Psalm means when it says, “he (God) will prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies.”

As I look back over my life both personally and professionally, there have been times when I needed God to show up and show out. Many of those times I needed the answer in five minutes. Ha. Most of these past reflections involve business decisions, money, investments and career moves where I found myself needing God’s wisdom, understanding and most importantly, his grace to cover me.  It sounds strange, but many times I felt like I needed him to rescue me,,,, from me.

As I remember fondly some missteps, I realize that I have failed more times than I care to count, yet God stood by me and continued to put his hand on my back and guide me through it. I basically failed twice in the restaurant business and once with a land investment company. The funny thing about a failure/setback is that it stays with you and becomes a factor in how you proceed with new opportunities. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s called wisdom that helps us not make the same mistake again.

God cares about even the smallest aspects of our lives and not just the big ones. He desires for us to call on him frequently and often. He looks at me as a son just I look at my daughters and there is nothing I would not do to help them. Many times, I have needed God to show up and tell me what to do. The greatest heroes in my life are the people who looked adversity in the face and relied on God to show them the way. KT

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