Facing the Giants

There was movie that came out in 2006 called Facing the Giants. It was a faith based movie about a high school football coach trying to find the way to get his team winning. It is not a pure sports movie like “Rudy,” or “Invincible” etc. but there is a real message to this movie. The message is to find the “why” in what we do. Not just focus on the who, what and when. Everyone reading this blog should find the “why” in relationship to our work, family, career and hobbies. In short, if the “why” is powerful enough, the “how” becomes clearer. If it just to make money any buy more things, good luck with that.

My eyes watered a little bit last night watching that movie because in 2006 when the movie came out, I drove up near the college one of my daughters was attending to watch the movie with her. I thought the movie was helpful to me and maybe would be to her also. So, last night as I am watching, I remembered 12 years ago setting beside my daughter, searching for the why in my personal career and spending a special moment with her.

If you can find the “why,” the how, what and when becomes much more clear. KT

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