When you are out of options

Many times, people wait to call on God for wisdom until they are out of options. Meaning, they tried everything they could within their own power or influence and turned to God for help as a last result.

I am far from the example to follow in this regard but I do try to call on God early and often for his wisdom in dealing with even the simplest issues. Years ago, we were getting ready to go camping and I had an issue with the water line on the RV. I was in a hurry and sweating and not getting anywhere trying to fix the issue. In life, you sometimes have an epiphany (illumination, realization or discovery) and that day laying under that RV was one I will remember for the rest of my life. I stopped what I was doing and whispered these words in a prayer. “Heavenly father give me your wisdom according to James 1:5 on how to fix this RV and I receive that I have your wisdom.” That was it. Simple prayer. I did not hear an audible voice but in my spirit, I heard God saying – “go to that second drawer on the left behind the wire and there are 3 c-clamps and take the red one and wrap it around the waterline and secure it on the frame.

I had the issue fixed in 3 minutes but at that moment something swept over me that I will never forget. I knew in that instant that God not only cares about the major things in our lives but he also cares about the small things if we will only ask. That day changed how I think about God and the way God looks at me.

I could give you many examples where I have called on him for wisdom even with the small things and I can tell you, he cares about every aspect of our lives. KT

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