New Business

Whatever your business is, nothing is more motivating that getting new business. Yes, it is sometimes stressful and you must juggle a lot of balls, but it is the good kind of stress that makes you feel like you are improving and moving toward an objective.

I work with a real estate sales organization and life blood of our business is being hired on new accounts. It is a funny thing that is difficult to explain or even understand, but it is true. One would think that closings are the most motivating aspect. Yes, closings are fun and obviously the objective in our business but it is the new listings, new business, new deals to work on that are the life blood of our organization.

The one thing that has always unnerved me is when the phones aren’t ringing. It is the first indication that either we are not doing our jobs or that the market is changing. A ringing phone means people are interested to hear about what we are selling and a ringing phone is like a billboard display that lets you know what you are doing is right.

In our business, there are several conferences each year where most of the investors are attending and some brokers think it is acceptable to let the conferences be the face to face time. I hear over and over that conferences are like speed dating and very little happens. Whereas a face to face meeting in the investor’s office is the single element that tells the investor his business is important enough for you to make the effort.

New business is the life blood of any organization and this one single mandate should be on every marketing plan and the focus of every business leader. KT

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