When the days run together

Depending on where you live and what you do for a living, the last six months have been anything but routine and ordinary. For some it has challenged their livelihood and increased anxiety, stress and concern for the future. For the past six months I feel like I have been auditioning for a part in a play but haven’t gotten any parts. Ha.

This morning in Georgia it was cool and began to feel like the beginning of fall. I drove to the office with the windows down and wondered if this day was going to be just another ordinary routine day. As soon as I had that thought, I stopped/ paused and had one of those moments that you will remember years from now.

I realized in that moment (and felt some shame) of how many people wished they could have an ordinary routine day. I thought of friends I have lost to cancer and heart issues recently. I thought of friends and family I almost lost recently, and I thought of people dealing with the health of a child or themselves. These people would love to have just an ordinary routine and probably boring day. See, they can’t because they are carrying a lot of burdens and worry.

I had a moment of reflection, appreciation and thanksgiving for being able to have a regular (possibly boring) routine day. Maybe this COVID situation has caused you stress in areas of your life and if so, while every situation is different, be thankful for the good fortune of a routine ordinary day. KT

2 thoughts on “When the days run together

  1. Amen to ordinary days. I am so thankful that all my kids have been essential during this time and have been able to continue to work .

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