Distractions can often be well,,,,, distractions to your daily plan. They can come in many forms from small children to teenage children, phone calls, unwanted emails, your spouse doing something, noises, neighbors, package delivery and the list could go on and on.

Someone said to me recently, “there are so many distractions now but one day, I won’t have distractions and will wish I had them back.” What a profound statement for a young person to say. This person realized that while distractions are maybe a little irritating now, they are also the gift of life around them today. It lets them know they are alive.

There will come a time when there are limited or no distractions. It is called old age. No more deliveries, no one needing your opinion, the house is quiet, the phone isn’t ringing and there is no one wanting your time. When you are young and the distractions surround you, just be thankful (as hard as it may be) that you have them. KT

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