When making a big decision

When making a big decision, the first question you should be honest with yourself about is whether or not it will change your life if the decision turns out to be wrong. If the consequences of failure are life changing, one should be very careful to weigh the options.

I will give you a perfect example. Last year I bought an old truck and while I hoped it would be a good buy, I knew that if I got it home and found it full of rust or the engine blew up, it would not change our lifestyle. That is a simple example of a very important point. We all buy and sell things and change jobs and basically make decisions all the time but we don’t always really think the big ones through.

I was part of selling a company one time that for me didn’t turn out well. I had all the great ideas and good reasons why I should do it but I failed to ask myself that one simple question. Will it change my life if it fails? Before we sold the company I was happy, stress-free, content and very pleased with where the company was going. After we sold the company, I remember one day thinking about how much I wished I could go back. I couldn’t because it was already done. Some decisions are life changing and for me, that was a life changing decision that I took too lightly. Had I closed my eyes ask myself, “if this fails will we still be ok,” I probably would have made a different decision.

Before you make a big decision, look at your existing life, your children, your home, your peace, your bank account, your joy and your contentment. If you are in a good place now, look big decisions head on and be honest with yourself. I have made two big decisions in business that I dearly wished I could take back. Sometimes you don’t realize how blessed you are until you make a decision that changes your life and you cannot go back.

I believe with all my heart that the Holy Spirit of God lives and resides within my heart and all I have to do is ask him what I should do. In both of those business decisions, I did not fully and openly ask God what I should do. It was what I wanted to do and I was afraid if I really ask him, he would say no.

So the point. Before you make big life decisions, be honest with yourself and be honest with God and make the decision in advance that you are ok if God leads you to go forward or walk away. KT

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  1. While I understand you point, I believe one of the greatest of gifts that God bestows upon all that fully embrace Him is to “learn from our mistakes”. You have, and continue to improve upon all that you have built through his grace, mercy and love. The arrogant among us don’t access and utilize this greatest of gifts and make the same mistakes over and again. That, to me, is a greater tragedy — the failure to learn from the life actions we undertake — whether good or bad, as you have described.

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