Sometimes, we are all like Rocky

I have all five of the original Rocky movies. The movies are a little cheesy and hokey but the reason I love the movies is because of what they portray.

The movies are about a guy that had none of the proper qualifications needed to be a championship boxer. He wasn’t the smartest, he wasn’t that great of an athlete, he was uneducated, unorthodoxed, slow and pretty much had no qualities that one would associate with a championship boxer. That said, he had the one thing that he needed. He had the heart to win.

He defied all expectations of other people as well as his own expectations. He never saw himself winning and certainly never saw himself as the champion. When you watch the first movie, about have way through the boxing match, he begins to realize he can compete with Apollo Creed and he makes a decision that he no longer is just an average boxer. He begins to push himself harder and fight with everything he had to become the person he secretly always dreamed of being.

Many of us don’t have the skill, talent, brains or education to compete in the world but in my experience it is not about any of those things. It is about heart. KT

One thought on “Sometimes, we are all like Rocky

  1. Indeed, the greatest epiphany is when one believes in themselves, becomes determined to try their hardest in all undertakings, and understands that with patience one can become the very best person — in all manner of respects — that they are capable of becoming, and which is intended for them.

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