What would I do?

I was speaking with some folks this week that are about to make a big decision. Instead of telling them all the things wrong with what they are contemplating, I stepped back and ask myself, what would I do if I was them?

When we ask that question, it is amazing the shift in perspective that takes place. I saw the same scenario in a totally different light. In that perspective you see things that we never talk about such as ego, pride, self-fulfillment and of course, greed.

I have mentioned this before in my blogs, that if every employee took just a moment and thought like an owner, it would change how you see yourself and will certainly change how others see you. Think about the changes you would make and write them down and the next time your boss asked how you are doing, answer- I am doing great and if you are interested, I have some ideas if you would like to hear them. I promise you there is not anyone else that will do this, and it will get your boss’s attention. His most likely answer will be, “sure why don’t we meet at xyz.”

The opposite of that is what most people do. They tell the boss everything that is wrong. Trust me, he or she wants to hear something good and wants people to give them their ideas and wants people who think outside of the employee box. KT

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