The greatest lesson you ever learned

If you were asked to name the greatest lesson you ever learned, it would probably come from something you learned while going through a difficult period. The up moments in life are great but we seldom learn as much as we do when we go through a tough spot.

When you preserver through something and come out of the other side, it makes an impression you will remember for the rest of your life. I told a guy one time that when dealing with a move or change in life, its not the questions we ask that are the most important. It’s the questions we don’t know to ask that often make the difference.

I had this guy one time that wanted to open a retail fish store that only sold exotic fish. He asked if I would sit down with him to look at his business plan. After we added tax, rent, insurance, lose carry, cash needs, replacement costs etc., I asked him how many fish he would have to sell a day to cash flow. He did the math and realized his idea would never work. I have wished many times that I had consulted someone before some of my decisions. Well, such is life.

If you are going through a tough period, try to make yourself see it one day at a time. I find if you adopt this mind set it will help you get through today and tomorrow and the day after that etc. It will also help you realize it as a season of life instead of your whole life.  KT

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