What to do when you don’t know

There are many times in our lives when we don’t know what to do. Today may even be one of those days for someone reading this blog. It is the not knowing, the pause or the wait that seems to be the hardest part to manage.

Sure, no one wants to hear bad news but at least you know what the news is. If you know, then you can begin to piece together the plan for dealing with it. Examples of such news are, you are fired, you got the job, you didn’t get the job, you are sick, they denied your loan, the test results will be back in a week, you are not welcomed, your marriage is over or any such example that life throws at you. There are many more examples of the simple decisions in life when you just wished “they” would make a decision so you could know what the answer is. It is the in between, where patience and faith is put to the test.

The question is what you do when you don’t know. First thing is to place the outcome in God’s hands. Sounds easy right? Well, in my experience, there is the “idea” of placing the outcome in God’s hands and then there is the actual faith step in doing it. Big difference. The idea of it is always easy advice to give someone else. When it is you, it is a whole different story. When it is you, it becomes personal and it becomes real.

Ask God to give you the revelation (reveal it to you so you can understand it) that he is in control and he knows what the decision today means 15 years from now in your life. He literally knows where every turn in your life is and the impact of each turn. You can trust yourself or you can trust him. When you do step over and put your present and future in his hands, you will feel a huge weight lifted. It doesn’t mean that the outcome and the answers will always be happy and good. What it does mean is that you and you alone have made the decision to spiritually step close into the shadow of the almighty and ease up under his arm and let him be in control. KT

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  1. How do you do that? Know what to say at the right time? Oh wait, lol, God toldyou. love you brother

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