The eyes

Have you ever heard the term “the ayes have it?” This is usually used in business meetings where a vote has been taken on a particular subject. An example would be in a shareholder’s meeting when the vote has been put to the “floor” (meeting the people can vote.) When the moderator says, “all who are in favor say aye,” that is where the term “the ayes have it” came from.

There is another place where the ayes have it and it is in your physical eyes. You can almost see the soul of a man in his eyes. There are very few that can hide their true emotions from the eyes. My daughter Lanie Beth Sinclair says “when you look in the eyeballs, it gives way to the soul.”

There are all kinds of body language in our business, our families, and churches and even at Starbucks. You can act like everything is ok or you can act like you are happy but the eyes tell the truth. Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror, look deeply in your eyes and just know that what you see in the mirror is what everyone else is seeing.

I met a guy in our business the other day and I instantly liked and trusted, all by what I read in his eyes. It happens in an instant when you get face to face. In sales, this is why I push hard for our brokers to get in front of people face to face. That is where the magic happens. It is not on social media or texts or email or websites. It is the face to face that means the most in our business. I also believe it is the most telling aspect of the human nature in every situation.

I love little children (especially my granddaughters) because they don’t know how to lie and their eyes always match their voice. One of the most beautiful things a person can ever witness is the pure honesty of a child. That is the way God originally intended us to live our whole lives but sin entered the world starting with Adam and Eve.

Why am I talking about this? The next time you are with a client or you meet someone at Starbucks, listen to what they say out of their mouths but also watch their eyes and you will probably be able to tell if the two match up. Many times their words and their eyes don’t match up and it is those times where you need to be careful, aware and watchful. KT

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