What real heroes look like

If you ever wanted to see a real hero, just go to the airport and stand where the passengers come through after they land. Look for a wife, husband, children or parents that will be holding a sign that says things like “welcome home daddy,” “Welcome home son,” or “Welcome home daughter.” Then, watch as a soldier, wearing the most revered uniform on the globe, walks up to his/her family and says, “I’m home.” That’s what a real hero looks like.

If you look closely, what you will see missing is any camera man and news reporter holding a microphone that says ABC, NBC, CBS, USA-Today, etc. The reason is they don’t believe these events are newsworthy and represent subjects the readers will want to hear about.

Why am I writing about this? In the USA-Today dated February 24th, 2014, there are 5, that’s right 5, articles on the same pro athlete that announced his new lifestyle choice. This pro athlete is celebrated and heralded as an iconic hero for all to see and read about. He will be interviewed, photographed, invited to talk shows and basically told, “you are the example of an American hero.” You probably don’t want to hear what I think about this.

The soldier that got off the airplane is paid probably a notch or two above minimum wage and wasn’t drafted, rather he/she raised their hand and volunteered for duty. That same soldier left, in many cases, a young wife and young children in base housing somewhere while they were deployed for months. So, the next time you see a soldier in the airport, shake their hand and say “thank you” because they will never get the respect from the media, but they deserve it so much more.

ABC, NBC, CBS, USA-Today reporters (I am guessing) have never visited, seen or covered a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. I have, and I can tell you that there is not a more humbling experience than to look out over the acres and acres of white tombstones from all wars and all decades over the past 100 years. If you want to be humbled, and you want to see what a real hero looks like, well there it is. KT

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  1. I had actually planned not leaving a comment on anything but after I read this post I had to just say Amen to it. This is as true as it gets.

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