There are several consumer products that have stood the test of time. Some that come to mind are Duct Tape, Rubik’s Cube and WD-40. Duct tape was originally invented for the Military to use to keep moisture out of ammunition cases. It has been adapted for just about everything from fixing the helm on a prom dress to holding the side mirror on car. Side note, my father in-law actually used it to tape the side mirror on his fishing car. Ha

Let’s talk about WD-40. It was invented in 1953 by a little company named Rocket Chemical Company. When I say small, I mean small. They had three employees. By 1960 the company doubled in size to seven employees and they were selling 45 cases per day from the trunks of their cars. They changed the company name to WD-40 Company and today it is publicly traded and worth four billion dollars.

Below are the most unusual uses for WD-40 but the most amazing use is on fishing bait and lures. It has been said by many fishermen that spraying a little bit on bait and or lures attracts the biggest fish. The other unusual uses are as follows. Enjoy. KT

Use No. 1: Spray it on fish bait or lures as “a great pike attractor.”

Use No. 2: Coat wire tomato cages with it to keep insects away.

Use No. 3: It stops metal tent poles from squeaking in the wind.

Use No. 4: It removes crayon from turtle shells.

Use No. 5: It works like magic on tangled horse manes and tails.

Use No. 6: Remove gunk from the base of the toilet bowl.

Use No. 7: It’s a great lubricant for prosthetic limbs.

Use No. 8: It shines the leaves of artificial plants.

Use No. 9: There are arthritis sufferers who swear by spraying it on stiff limbs. (The company, on the other hand, advises against it.)

Use No. 10: It’s excellent for removing candle soot.

Use No. 11: Great for getting chewing gum out of your kids’ hair.

Use No. 12: It’s rumored to keep the Statue of Liberty rust-free.

Use No. 13: Takes the sting out of fire ant bites.

Use No. 14: It keeps mirrors and windows from fogging up, whether in the car or the bathroom.

Use No. 15: It repels pigeons from balcony railings.

Use No. 16: Paired with a long-handled lighter, it makes a great mini flame-thrower. (Proceed at your own risk.)

Use No. 17: It keeps snow from sticking to shovels.

Use No. 18: It eliminates static on volume-control and tuning knobs.

Use No. 19: It cleans dog poop off tennis shoes.

Use No. 20: It camouflages scratches in cultured marble.

Use No. 21: It removes duct tape.

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