Routine, same ole, same ole

This is my 776th blog post. For the past several months, I have seen family members and friends deal with health issues, losses, and unexpected passing of a loved ones. Today I wanted to write something about this but just couldn’t put it into words. Life is precious and is a gift from God that we may not appreciate until something changes.

I went back and looked at the very first blog post I wrote in 2014 and it was about a normal routine day. It’s that day when there is nothing special, nothing planned, no excitement or variations, rather just a normal same ole, same ole day. That is the one we take for granted and may not truly appreciate it until you don’t have it anymore.

Like many things in life, we don’t want it until we can’t have it anymore.  Life and what you thought was going to happen can change in a moment of time. Its not until that change happens that we really understand we don’t have anywhere near as much control as we thought we did.

Tell those closest to you that you love them. Don’t hold back. If you have children, never let them leave your sight without telling them you love them. Hug your friends and tell them they are important. The bible has a passage in Ephesians that says, ‘never let the sun go down on your anger.” Think of all the people that never got the chance to apologize and make things right. I think if the Lord stood in the doorway today, he would tell us to fix it while we still can.

I am not saying a routine life should always be our goal. We all need some change, variation, and adjustment ever now and again. Sometimes we don’t know how blessed we are until an event or a conversation happens that changes everything. Therefore, take an inventory today of your blessings and yes, you may be changing diapers, washing clothes, making sales calls or just simply doing the same thing you did last week, but sometimes understanding how quick things can change helps us appreciate what we already have. KT

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