Use the good stuff

Come on now, it is time to wear the great dress and best suit and eat off of the special china. Stop saving the best for someone else!

As you know, I love old cars. It amazes me when a seller of a great car will say it only has 800 miles on it. The translation of that is the goober that bought the car new never enjoyed it; he saved all the good stuff for the next owner. I saw a guy one time that had a mid ’90s Porsche 911, and he was so proud that car only had a few thousand miles on. To me, that is plain foolishness. Why not enjoy it yourself?

Years ago, I bought a new Chevy Tahoe. My Tahoe had every option available, and I was in love with the vehicle. I bought some big rubber mats to cover the floors and also the cargo area to protect it from wear. After about a year, I was washing it one day and I looked at the carpet under the mats and saw that everything still looked new. I realized I was saving the carpet for the next owner and not enjoying it for myself. That day I threw the rubber mats out and started getting the carpet dirty myself instead of saving it for someone else to enjoy. I kept that Tahoe for 8 years, and when I traded it in, it was worn completely out and limping like a hurt dog. No one could say that I had not enjoyed my vehicle.

That is how we subconsciously act with nice things in our life. We will say silly things: “I won’t wear that today because I am saving it for something special,” “We can’t eat on the good china except for special occasions,” or “I can’t take a nap on the couch because it will make the cushions sag.”

My advice is to live life large and full on. Raise your head, poke out your chest, and choose to go be full of joy. Be honest and put God first place in your life. Be the gentleman/lady in you, but by all means, live boldly and use the good stuff while you can. One day, what is left of the good stuff will be handed down in your estate after you have gone on to be with the Lord.

Choose today and choose now. Go get it! KT

2 thoughts on “Use the good stuff

  1. Amen to that. I take care of my stuff but I also use all my stuff. If it gets worn out or broken it is still only stuff. Love you.

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