Getting hired

Getting hired is one of the hardest things to do. The anxiety level is always high.

At Hotel AG, getting hired on a listing is the single most important trait you can have as a hotel broker. Without the ability to sit in front of a seller and earn his trust, you will never make it our line of work. Over the years, I have hired some of the best educated and best trained folks that didn’t make it. I have hired lawyers, appraisers, and market study specialists along with all levels of executives. It always comes down to one factor: getting hired.

That’s our business, but I would imagine that every job and every business has its tell-all factors. Without the ability to succeed at those factors, you won’t last long.

I find that regardless of what your business or job is that if you put yourself in your manager’s shoes, you will realize what is important in his/her eyes. Knowing what’s important will allow you to focus on those points. As everyone knows, I spent many years in the food business. During that experience, I learned many things about business that I would not have learned otherwise. The food business is so tough because there are so many areas that impact the guest. In the hotel world, the guest just needs a smiling face at check in and a clean room. The owner has all day to get these two points right. In the food business, there are no less than 10 constant guest impact areas from the look of the restaurant to the speed of the order to the food quality.

It is often said that you can run a 100-room hotel easier than you can run a 2-seat restaurant. The client’s expectation in the food business is so great that very few new restaurants make it.

I say all of that because in every business, there are important things to watch for but also the real important things. It is knowing the real important things and factors that will determine your longevity in that business or in that job. So, in hotel brokerage it doesn’t matter what your education is (I am proof of that), or your speaking ability is (I am also the proof of that), but it comes down to if people like you and trust you. I don’t care if you sell hotels, cut grass, wait tables, pastor a church, or you work for a large company, your success always comes down to if the people around you like you, trust you, and respect you.

People can see a phony a mile away. Even little children and dogs can tell if they can trust the person. The only folks that think trust is not important are the untrustworthy men and women. I also believe that taking a close look at yourself is the only way to improve your working life.

It is often said that the two most important things that will change you over the next five years are the people you meet and the books you read. I like to add a third component to that, and it is the relationship you have with your heavenly father. If you can improve those three areas, there is a great chance you will improve you. KT

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