Two pieces of wisdom from my late father in-law

My late father in-law owned a fence company from the mid 50’s through the late 90’s. My wife and I were having lunch with her brother and his wife yesterday and her brother quoted two pieces of wisdom he learned from his father, my father in -law.

  • There is just some people’s money you don’t want
  • Make it while you are young because when you get older, you won’t have the patience or stamina.

Both statements are so very true. Perception, intuition, and gut instinct become more defined and well-tuned the older we get. Age just does that to us. What we wouldn’t have given a second thought to when we were young, now gives us pause. You read people quicker because that impression is filtered through years of experience. It is just natural evolution.

Like the above, when it comes to patience, it not that you necessarily lack the patience you had when you were younger, you just get to the decision quicker. Ha. When you are young, you just have more energy, strength and can work harder and longer but when you get older, after you cut the grass, you need a nap. Again, just natural evolution.

Funny story. I was on a call today with a client I am selling a hotel for in New Orleans, and he has three partners. I was showing the hotel four weeks ago to a buyer and I met with him and his partners at the hotel. I was shaking hands with the partners and when I got to the last one, I knew within eight seconds this guy was going to be a problem. Call it gut instinct, but I just knew. Sure enough, I find out today that that partner is in fact going to be a problem. There are just some people you meet that you don’t want to be involved with.

My father in-law was Max Phillips and while he might have been short in stature, make no mistake, he was a man’s man. He had two speeds in life, asleep and wide open. When he was working, you have never seen a man (except for Larry) work so hard and so fast. When he was fishing, he would be working three rods and reels at the same time. When he was telling a joke, you couldn’t help but laugh with him. When he told you he loved you, he left no doubt in your mind. When Elaine and I first started dating, I got a good look at Max and his eyes warned me not to ever hurt his baby. Even though he didn’t say it out loud, he knew I understood. I loved him dearly and very few people have had the level of impression on my life as Max Phillips. KT

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