Delivering the message

I find that when delivering important news, whether good or unpleasant, it is best to get right to the point. Many times, email is not your friend when delivering a message. In our line of work for instance, when we have a buyer that didn’t get the deal, it is always best to deliver that message personally. When you deliver the message over email, it tells that recipient that you are ducking the responsibility. It also tells him that he is not important enough for a personal phone call.

Speaking of delivering a message, I am reminded of the story of a guy that was opening a new store and his friend wanted to do something nice for him. He ordered flowers for his grand opening and told the florist what he wanted to say on the card. He didn’t hear from his friend for several days and he went by his friend’s new store and saw the flowers he had sent and looked at the card. It read “with our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences.”

He immediately called the florist and complained about the card. The florist said, “it could be worse.” How could it possibly be worse the man asked? “Well,” the florist said. “Somewhere at a funeral is a bouquet of flowers with a card that reads “congratulations on your new location.” Ha

Social media, emails, texts etc. will never take the place of the personal touch. See, it is that person to person contact that leads to relationships, not an email. KT

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