There is only one you

We all have at least one thing that sets us apart from everyone else. At least one relatable, identifiable and memorable characteristic. This is important. In business and in life, this should not be taken lightly and never overlooked. In a time when many people wished they were like someone else or tried to imitate someone else, they are missing one of the most important aspects of their life. It is the thing that makes you different.

It could be the way you smile, the look of and in your eyes, your mannerisms, the cadence of your speech, the tone of your voice, the way you walk, the way you focus when spoken to, the spirit that resides in you, the ability to gain trust, your height, your hair or no hair, your handshake and the list could go many pages long. In my case there is so much to choose from. Ha, but it is probably my speech. I stutter. Years ago I used to think it was a detriment to my life but I later realized that it very well could be the thing that makes people listen harder (ha) and even possibly remember me. I have often thought that if I spoke like everyone else, there would not be a differentiating characteristic about me and I could have very well failed in business. It could be the one gift that God put in me as a child. Many times it didn’t seem like a gift but sometimes the very thing that you think is holding you back, could be the very thing that sets you apart.

Think of people you know, like and trust and really ask yourself, what is it that makes them different and makes me like them? What you will realize is that there are nuances about that person that you could never copy or duplicate even if you tried. By trying to copy that person, you would lose the uniqueness of your gift. That thing that you and only you have. I believe God gave us all a uniqueness that no one in the world has, except you. I have seen identical twins that may look alike but even then, they each have nuances about themselves that clearly sets them apart from their twin.

There are many slogans that include the words, be yourself. As simple as that statement is, it could be one of the smartest statements ever made. KT

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