The world we live in

When I read the news with all the dysfunction and disruption currently going on in the world, the first thing I wonder is if history was always like this, but we just didn’t know? With the age of constant communication, 24-hour news cycles, social media etc. it is impossible (well maybe not) to escape the things going on in the world.

Sometimes I just turn off my phone, iPad and TV and watch Andy Griffith or listen to Creedence Clearwater revival and Three Dog Night. I could name all the issues that concern me about the world today, but invariably, I may say something wrong or hurt someone’s feelings, but I think we all know the issues of the world today of which I speak.

The Bible speaks about wars and rumors of wars being one of the signs of the end times. I am not an end times theorist, but it does make me wonder. The literal interpretation of war is assumed to be between countries etc. I just wonder if it could also mean wars against family values, right and wrong, anger, animosity, immorality, corruption etc. Have no doubt, there is a war going on right now for the soul of America.

I said this the other day to someone and believe it to be true. Except for an extremely small fraction of one percent of the population that ends up leading the news, the rest of us (regardless of background, nationality, ethnicity etc.) all want the same thing. We want to live in security and peace, keep our families safe, be able to walk down the sidewalk, worship however we want, have the means to support ourselves, be able to go to the store without the threat of harm and lastly, enjoy life, liberty, and justice. That’s it.  

Lately, I have gotten used to skipping the news about who hates who, who is wearing what, who said what, who is getting a divorce, presidential poll numbers and who’s on their beach vacation etc. ha. When I think about it, the only things left to read in the news is the occasional historic article, cars, and dogs. Go figure. KT

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