Competition starts at a very young age and continues through life. Regardless of who you are or what you do in life, there is always someone or something competing with you. If you allow it in, it can take over your life.

When I think of this subject I always think about the early (1900-1925) car manufactures. Henry Ford, Dodge/Chrysler and General Motors were battling it out in America while, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Bentley were battling it out over seas. Just like Henry Ford invented the Model T for the average citizen, in 1938 Ferdinand Porsche invented the Volkswagen Beetle.

Competition is everywhere from who can run the fastest when you are a kid to the country next door that wants to take over. History was written and paved with competition in every facet of life from the stone age to last week.

Why am I telling you this? We need to have a resting place where there is no competition. We can’t compete with the world during the day and come home and compete all evening. In order to survive the competitive world, we live in, we need a place of rest, comfort, joy and peace to come home to. Without balance in our life, many people die young from the stress of competition in life.

I have lived (and continue to do so) in a very competitive business. I have won some races and lost some races but the thing that has always settled me was my family. Home was/is that resting place. Sure, it was busy when our girls were small, but there was joy in the little things. As my girls grew up, graduated from college and got married and had children of their own, home and family are still where I go to get away from competition. I believe family is what allowed me for all these years to balance life.

Competition is needed, helpful to push us forward, builds character but it can also be stressful. Be aware of those around you and try to be that safe place for those you love. KT

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