The voices of our children

In our lives, there are many voices that compete for our attention but only a few that matter most.

I remember as a young husband and father when our children were little, how much financial stress we were under while building a life for our family. Back then I was trying to sell hotels but also constrained by past investments in the restaurants. Many days it was a struggle to make ends meet and to be the father and husband I needed to be for my family. I recall many times coming home under that financial load and walking in the door and having my two daughters call my name and run and put their arms around my neck. When I think about those days it makes me tear up just remembering those moments.

My point is that the voices we all most want, and need, are the voices of our family. Hopefully you have a spouse that loves and supports you like I do but I also understand that many people don’t. There are also many single adults trying as best they can to raise a family on their own. The one common denominator is our children. So, while you may or may not have a supportive spouse, it is the voices of your children that will get you through.

Even today, while my daughters are grown, when they call and say, “hey daddy,” it makes me choke up. I suppose it will be that way for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  In our lives, it is voices of our children and grandchildren that brings you home and calms your spirit and comforts your soul. It gives you the belonging we all search for. Those voices are the medicine for your soul, the hope in your heart, the blanket that holds you together and the vision for your future. Simply put, they are the voices of your life. KT

PS: I envision God as our heavenly father feels the same way when we say, “hey daddy.” KT

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