Very few things in life are endless. Most always there is an end or a stopping point. Think about your age, career, finances, home, health, friends and even your interests. Life changes. It is amazing to recognize and acknowledge a few aspects of life that never change and are endless.

At this time of year, I wanted to talk about two such areas of our lives that are in fact endless. One is the love a parent has for their children and grandchildren and the other is the love your heavenly father has for you. The depth of these two loves is well,,,, endless. Meaning there is no end and nothing that could happen to ever change it. We all know there are some parents of children that do not share this kind of love, but I am speaking about the vast, vast majority of parents that feel like I do.

There is nothing my children could ever be or do that would lessen my love for them as well as there is nothing they could ever do that I would see as unforgivable. That love is as simple, transparent and all-consuming as anything this side of heaven. If you really want to get a glimpse of the way God looks at you, just look at your children and grandchildren and understand that the same love you feel for them is the love God feels for you. If you can accept this, it will literally change your life and change how you think about God.

Think of a little boy or little girl running and jumping in their father’s lap without an invitation and zero hesitation. The world wants you to believe that the child (you) should be humble and beg the father before cautiously asking to sit in his lap. God wants you run to him, not from him. He wants you to jump enthusiastically into his arms that are always open to you. He says in his word, Matthew 19:14 “let the little children come to me and don’t stop them.” Another translation says, “don’t hinder them.”

Many times, we have let the weight of the world and our past, hinder us or stop us from running to our heavenly father. You should ask God to give you a new image or new vision of an uninhibited child running into their father’s arms knowing that the father is always available and will always love them. That is who God is to you and me. That is also who we as parents are to our children and grandchildren.

As you prepare to celebrate this Christmas season, take a few moments and celebrate these two loves in your life that are simply endless. KT

3 thoughts on “Endless

  1. You nailed it. My kids (now adults) might make decisions I don’t like or approve, but nothing will change my love for them.

  2. Excellent, Keith! Well said!

    I still think you should create a daily devotional, composed of these blog posts. They are very encouraging!

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