The not knowing

The not knowing is the period of time between the journey and the destination. It can be a period of vulnerability, questions, anxiety and sometimes doubt. It is the time when you question if you are on the right road, doing the right things and heading in the right direction. It is called life.

I don’t know about ladies but us guys want to look out at the road before us and see where it ends and all the hills and valleys along the way. The great news is that God does not allow us to see that and he doesn’t allow us to see the mortality of life. We simply could not handle that knowing.

I have this mental image of driving in a car on a two lane road in the mountains and not being able to see around the curve. I know what the desired destination looks like and I have to find peace that I am heading in the right direction and in the right vehicle and on the right road. It is always easier to look back on life and know with certainty why you were heading in a certain direction. When you look back you can’t remember why you were so uncomfortable and uneasy on the journey. When you are on the mountain road and can’t see around the curve is when you really have to ask God to give you the peace of the not knowing. You are asking him to settle your spirit and calm your anxiety and to renew your faith that he can see around the curve even though you can’t.

The moments of life are to be taken seriously because you do not know when the moments will end. This morning I got up a little earlier than usual and our coffee maker is right beside the refrigerator. While the coffee maker was warming up I took a moment to look at the pictures of our family on the side of our refrigerator. I realized that on the side of our refrigerator is all the things most dear to me. It was a reminder of the important things in my life and to be all that I can be for my family. I suspect if you ever get confused in life on what is important, just go look at your refrigerator.

The not knowing period can be uncomfortable but it can also be exhilarating to find yourself at peace with exactly where you are on life’s journey even though you can’t see around the curve. KT

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