The last of a generation

Elaine’s mom and my mom have both passed away within the last 120 days. They were the last of the generation before us and it is incredibly humbling to realize that all the generations before you are gone.

My mother (Barbara Dickinson 87) fell two Sunday’s ago and seeming didn’t break anything (or so we thought) but was transported anyway to the hospital to get checked out. Me and my brother were there and believed she would probably be discharged the next day or so and life would go on. She developed many complications over the next couple of days and went to her heavenly homecoming eight days later.

I ask how that can be.  I remembered before she fell, we were all at her house that afternoon talking and visiting and eating dinner together and all seems normal. Later that evening my mom tells me someone has hacked into her TV sound. I asked her to tell me about it. She says, “well, lately I get up in the morning and hear children talking and choir music playing.” I realized she was imaging these things and after what happened over the next eight days, I believe it was God comforting her before she passed away. It was his way of bringing her peace.

I can’t see angels in the here and now, but I do believe with all my heart that they exist. I believe they are sent by God to protect, watch over and comfort us and I believe that is what they were doing for my mom before she went into the hospital. I don’t believe I have ever seen a person so ready to pass from this world into heaven, but mom was. A few hours before she passed, we ask her if she wanted to go home and she shook her head, no. We asked if she wanted to go see Jesus and it was an emphatic head shake, yes. I ask her (I lost it then) if she wanted to go see Gene (my dad who passed away in 2021) and again the head shake was an emphatic, yes.

She was so small and little in that bed, but right after she took her last breath, it was like a peace came over her and her skin was like that of a 25-year-old. Not a wrinkle on her face. It was like God reached down from heaven and said, “you are home now Barbara.” KT

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  1. After all these days since Mom went to be with Jesus, I still remember and can see her face when she shook her head YES with such determination and yearning. I have such peace over knowing where she is and that she did not suffer a prolonged death. I miss her.

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