Technology and the old fashion phone

Recently I had to cancel an unused cell line from AT&T. The person (nice guy) proceeds to tell me the benefits of keeping the line and buying an Apple watch with all the notifications and features an Apple watch offers owners. I told the fine young man that my current watch was given to me for my 25th wedding anniversary and handles every function I need from watch. It tells time.

Yes, I am getting older, and the simplicity factor of life is beginning to really interest me. I am not ready to throw away all technology, but I do think a line has been crossed when you are so connected you can’t sit and watch an Andy Griffith episode without someone emailing, texting, tweeting, liking or sharing what they ate for dinner.

Another amazing technology invention that has been around for 100+ years is called a telephone. I know the young bucks like to hit you up on social media, text you, email you and all other manor of connecting but the phone is really an amazing piece of technology. Contrary to popular opinion, people still like to talk and be called personally. It makes them feel important enough for you to take the time for a personal reach out.

In our business, no technology will ever replace the human touch. 100 years from now there may be hotel brokers being beamed up (“beam me up Scotty”) but they will still be talking to people and the one-on-one connection will still be the most preferred way of communicating.

So, for now, I will still put my cell phone on the charger when I get home and look at my old watch to see when the next Andy Griffith or NCIS is coming on. KT

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