The four S’s – silver, sloth, sex, self

Many, if not most human failures (of all time) can be traced back to one of these areas of life. Other words for these areas are money, laziness, impropriety, or a self-centered personality.

Think of all the people you read about (actors, politicians, athletes, CEO’s) in the news or people you know personally who have stumbled in life and there is a good chance one of these four topics was the basis for the downfall. It even covers many of the people in the bible. My point is, it has been going on for centuries and will most likely go on for centuries to come.

For those of you who are older, you may remember the show, Hee Haw that started airing in the late 60’s. My parents had it on every Thursday night. In one scene that sticks out to me, the guy was talking with the doctor, and he said, “doctor it hurts when I move my arm this way.” The doctor said, “well, don’t move your arm that way.”  Sage advice if ever heard it.

So, taking the advice of the Hee Haw doctor, just don’t do it.  KT

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