Long Drift

Have you ever seen what muscle car enthusiasts refer to as drifting? It is basically where a driver holds the break petal down about halfway and guns the engine causing the rear tires to just spin and smoke and just sort of slide around. He does this the whole way as he slowly drifts around the course. Even though the engine is screaming, the car just slowly (drifts) around the track. I was at a Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale a couple years ago and they had free rides with drivers that were drifting around the course. It eats the tires up in no time, but it is a strange feeling hearing the engine rev high and seeing the smoke from the rear tires as the car is just slowly drifting around the orange cones.

Why am I telling you this? Many of us are doing that in our own lives. We don’t have a purpose or we are not where God wants us. We are revving the engine (our heart and our efforts) but just slowly drifting around life’s track. No real traction and no real speed but using up our gas (our energy) and tires (our bodies) while caught in a long drift on life’s track.

The answer: stop the car, shut the engine off and ask God almighty to help you find your purpose and your calling and direct your path and help you figure out what you are supposed to be doing and where you are supposed to be going.  Then when you get back in the car, you don’t have to rev the engine so high (your anxiety), and your tires (your efforts) wont needlessly spin in place, and you will find that you are much more at peace and more at ease as you drive through life’s course. KT

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