The dip after the start

With anything new, it always starts with high expectations and promise but there is usually a dip after it starts. Sometime the dip is shallow and short and other times, the dip is long and deep.

Using two familiar examples to explain what I am talking about. Say you start working out. We all have been there when you get up that first day and go lights out on a new workout. Afterwards you feel fantastic and accomplished and ready to tear up the world. It’s what happens after about day five that matters when you hit a dip and talk yourself out it. That is why workout gyms sign up more new memberships the first week of January than any other week of the year. Ha.

By way of another example, think of a plane taking off from an aircraft carrier. It starts will full thrust and power but when it leaves the carrier deck, it most always takes a dip before it really gets going. That is what I am talking about in this blog. What do you do when the dip happens?

There are many examples of a dip from new relationships, new ventures, new investments, new churches, new diets and many other examples. The theme is consistent for all these examples. There is almost always a dip and what really matters most is what you do when the dip happens, and can you rebound from the dip?

I sell hotels for a living and I cannot count the number of well -intended investors that built a new hotel or bought a new hotel that experienced some dip after it opened. Many of them fall short of investor expectations and some never recover from the dip.

In life, investments, relationships etc., the advice would be to, hope for the strong take-off but plan for the dip. If you do. it will not surprise you when it happens, and you will be better prepared for it when it does. KT

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