People will do what they want to do

After 29 years in this business I have one learned one incontrovertible truth. People are going to do what they want to do.

I have this deal I have been working on for a year and it has started and stopped more times than I can count. Two weeks ago, I was thinking about the deal and realized that if the buyer wants to buy it, they will buy it. If a seller wants to sell it, they will sell it. Pretty profound, right? Ha

This is also true of human nature. I was consulting a young man on a car purchase recently that made me think about this. He had this car picked out he wanted to buy, and I sat with him and told him all the reasons, based on my experience he shouldn’t buy that car.  You know what he did? Went out that night and bought the car. Ha.

See he bought it because that is what he wanted to do. Nothing more, nothing less. That my friend is a perfect example of human nature and why most times you try to change someone minds about something, they most always still do what they want to do.

There you have it. 29 years of wisdom wrapped up in one sentence. KT

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