The difference between good and great

The difference between being good at something and being great at something is often a very small difference.

Using golf as an example you will see what I mean. With golf, much like many other sports and or businesses, there are many levels of competition. The PGA tour is where the players make the most money and the other tours is where players compete that are not quite good enough for the PGA tour. Baseball has the major leagues and the the minor leagues. The hope of every player in the minor league is to be called up to the majors. It is this way in just about every sport and every business.

People think that the professional golfers on the PGA tour are much better players than the ones playing on the junior tours. Would you believe that the scoring difference from the PGA tour and the junior tour is only about ½ a stoke per round. If the golf tournament is four rounds that would mean the scoring difference is only about two stokes per tournament.

The point is that the difference is so minuscule, it is hardly noticeable. In life, the difference between being a great father or husband and being a a good father or husband is really a few small adjustments. The difference between being a good employee and a great employee is probably caring a little more about the customer. The small differences I am speaking of would apply to being a pastor, doctor, salesman, employee, pilot or doing lawn care. It is the small things we do or don’t do that usually make the difference in our personal lives and careers.

As you think about this blog, ask yourselves if you are willing to do the small extras that could be the difference between being average, good or great at life. KT

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