Station wagons

I love cars. Especially old vintage muscle cars and trucks. If I had a more understand wife, I would own 25 vehicles. Ha. I simply love them. One of my role models is a guy in Nashville that has 67 muscle cars including Hemi’s, Boss’s, Shelby’s, Super Sports, Yenko’s, ZR1’s, 442’s, GTO’s. When I saw his cars one time on a business trip, I estimated his collection was worth 10-15 million dollars.

Among the cars I love, I have always had a thing for old station wagons but my beautiful bride does not like them. I know that the terms valuable cars and station wagons in the same paragraph sounds like an oxymoron, but I think they are some of the most undervalued collectables today. Take a 55-57 Nomad? If you had one and took it to a car show, you would most likely be the only dude with one. Regards to newer cars, I have always loved Volvo and Mercedes wagons. Can’t tell you why, but I do.

Some years ago (2007) Elaine and I were taking a long trip up the east coast and planned to make stops along the way then fly back to Atlanta from Boston. We rented a car so we could drop it in Boston and fly home. I went to pick up the car from Hertz which was supposed to be an SUV and when I got there, the order was mixed up and the guy at Hertz said, “I can upgrade you to a new Volvo wagon that has less than 100 miles on it.” I looked at that Volvo and said, “I’ll take it!”

When I pulled up in front of the house to load all the baggage in, I would have given good money to have had an iPhone with the video capability to capture Elaine’s expression. Ha.

When we were kids, my mom and dad had an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon with the wood grain down the sides, the bubble top window and the backward facing third row seats. Mom and dad never knew what me and my brother were showing the drivers of the cars behind us! We couldn’t moon them because the car was full of family but we did show out a little and never got caught! I feel certain that my dad got some strange looks as the other cars past by. ha

Today, I would love to find one of those old Vista Cruisers and buy it. I might not be able to park it at the house but maybe I could find a buddy who would store it for me. KT

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  1. LOL—-Immediately my memory went to the Vista Cruiser seeing the title of the blog is station wagons. I so remember that old car. I drove it to work in a terrible snow storm. Route #3 was not plowed or anything but I made it.

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