The decisions we make in the valley

Life has many peaks and valleys. The peaks are the high points, and the valleys are the low points. The decisions we make in the peaks (high points) seem to be different than the ones we make in the valleys (low points.)

While not always possible, we should be more careful about the decisions we make in the valleys. When you are in the valley, your spirit, confidence, drive, and hope are less than perfect, and we tend to make quicker decisions in the low points. We make quicker decisions in hopes it will quickly change us from the valley back to the peaks, but more times than not, those decisions in the valleys can make things worse.

The best advice for valleys is to just keep walking until you see the next peak and be careful and thoughtful on the decisions you make in the valleys. If possible, save the important decisions of life when your spirit is uplifted and your confidence and hope are strong. KT

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