He has what I had, but a lot more of it

Years ago, Jack Nicklaus was being interviewed and the reporter asked what he thought about Tiger Woods. Jack said. “he has what I had, but a lot more of it.”

Jack Nicklaus is arguably the best golfer to ever lace up a pair of cleats and for him to say that about a young golfer named Tiger Woods, means that Jack really saw something special in Tiger. Every generation has its own standouts, but Jack competed against some of Golf’s best like Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, Gary Player, Billy Casper etc. Outside my office I have three consecutive pictures of Jack hitting out of a sand trap as he went on to win his sixth green jacket at the 1986 Masters

I have been a hotel broker for over three decades and worked with many, if not most, of the best hotel brokers. This new generation coming behind us is so much smarter and well educated than we were. They have so many tools available to them it is incredible, and they have the talent to far surpass what my contemporaries and I were able to achieve.

One would think that with all the technology we have today that hotel sales would increase and would be easier. That is not the case. When I was getting stated, there was no internet, emails, texts, websites etc. and if you did have a mobile phone, it was hard mounted in your car and cost about 10 dollars every time you wanted to make a call. Back then, you had to go see people if you wanted to do any business. Today, you just set up a zoom call and off you go.  

My point is that every generation seems to be smarter than the previous one but like with Jack and Tiger, you still must have the will to win and the grace to make it happen. You still must work hard and have honestly, wisdom and know how to relate to people. Without these attributes, it doesn’t matter how much technology you have. When I see these young brokers coming up, I see like Jack did, they have what I had, but a lot more of it. KT

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