Sound of freedom

I was meeting with a client in Ft Walton Beach yesterday, and he said something that made me pause and take note. His office is very close to Eglin Air Force base and has an outside veranda area that was opened when I got there.

Halfway through the meeting we heard a couple F-18s come screaming over his office and he looked at me and said, “that’s the sound of freedom.”

We take for granted, what we really have in America. There is no other country in the world that enjoys the freedoms we have. The sheer capabilities of our Armed Services would baffle the minds of most Americans. Those boys and ladies in those jets that flew over and the Navy Seals, Army Special forces, the Marines and the list could go on, are not just window dressing. They simply are the best deterrent the world has ever seen. No one wants to go to war with America. They may spout off that they want to, but they really don’t.

When those F-18s flew over us yesterday, I thought about all the civil unrest going on in our country. We live in a country that gives (paid for with the lives of young men and women) the freedom to say whatever you want without the threat of consequences. That in itself, is true freedom.

Our young country has only been settled for several hundred years, yet we are the beacon of light for the world to see and we are the example other countries follow. It does my heart good to show reverence and respect to those young Sailors, Airmen, Army and Marines because you see, it is them, who are paying for the freedoms we all enjoy. KT

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