Hurried and worried

Do you ever find yourself hurried and worried in life?  Life throws a lot at us and if we don’t have a good foundation, life can sometimes overwhelm us. There is a passage of scripture that always comes to my mind when I get in a hurry or concerned about something. It is Matthew 11:28 NIV – ‘come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. The King James version uses the words ‘you that labor and are heavy laden.’

Here is the point of the scripture for me. Jesus said, ‘come to me.’ He didn’t say come to the church or come to a meeting or come for coffee. He said to ‘come to me.’ See, it is not the place Jesus wants you to come to. It’s him. The best I can tell, you can come to Jesus in any setting, even while you are in a hurry driving somewhere. It is a quiet prayer breathed even when you are hurried and or worried. I find saying a little prayer something like this helps me. “Lord, help me to settle my spirit and go before me and prepare my way.”  A little prayer like that breathed from your heart, can really change the moment you find yourself in.  

God looks at you like you just like you look at your children. We want to know the details our children are dealing with because that helps us know how to help them and guide them. Same thing with God. He wants to know what you are going through. I simply cannot imagine a life outside of a relationship with God because it would be so lonely, weary, meaningless and dark. Jesus wants us to come to him with the small things in life as well as the big things. I believe (just my opinion) that he takes greater pleasure in the smaller things than the bigger things. When you can trust him with the smaller things, it is easier to trust him with the bigger decisions.

The next time you find yourself frazzled, frustrated and out of sorts, try the little prayer mentioned above and you may just find it helps. KT

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  1. I always do my version of that too. Prayer is a way of life for me. Anytime, anywhere, silently, out loud, in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, driving, walking, or mowing the grass.
    Love you my brother.

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