Saying goodbye

We said goodbye today to my mentor. His name was Harmon Born. He was 93 years old and his funeral was earlier today. For decades, Harmon owned and operated the highest volume Ford automobile dealership in the US. He was also a dear friend to me and my family.

Additionally, he owned a Lincoln/ Mercury dealership and I remember 30 years ago asking him why he drove a Ford instead of a Lincoln. He told me that “he just never felt comfortable in a 25-thousand-dollar automobile.” Of course, 30 years ago you could buy a new Lincoln for 25 thousand dollars.

Several quotes and statements he told me (some serious, some funny) that have always stayed with me. The following are only a few:

If you ever need a heart transplant, try to get the one from your banker because it has hardly been used

I want to live to be 100 years old because hardly anyone dies over a 100

If something needs doing, don’t look around to see if someone else will do it. Step up

Don’t ever forget that God gave you everything you have

Listen twice as much as you talk

Always stay humble and you will enjoy God’s favor

Never get too big for your pants or think of yourself as special and deserving

Always do what is right,  try your best and love other people

In the old church we attended for many years, as with many churches, they would have donations drives for this or that. Some churches would name pews after people who gave money. I remember Harmon said one day, “never put someone’s name on a pew or a plaque for giving one time. If there is any recognition, it should go to the weekly giver who gives consistently.”

He was simply the finest man I have ever known and has been my personal example since I left home halfway through my senior year of high school. He took a 17-year-old kid who was on his own and taught him about life. The bible speaks about running the race completely and standing through the test of time. Harmon ran the good race all the way to the day he was called home. He never wavered in his belief of God and living life in the right way. All the way to the end. KT

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  1. I know you miss your friend and mentor. By Harmon’s example you are that kind of friend and mentor to others. I love you brother.

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