Less Fortunate

This morning I was heading into work all jacked up on what is going on in the hotel economy and the civil unrest America seems to be experiencing now. I was thinking about all the hotels that will be owned by lenders over the next few months and what this economic market cycle will look by the end of 2020.

On the way to work, I looked over to my right and saw a person, let’s just say, less fortunate than me. It immediately humbled me and made me ashamed for being worked up over issues relative to work and the economy. My first thoughts were, I am ok, my family is ok, and the rest really doesn’t matter.

Sometimes it is the simplest realities that impact our lives the most and how we feel. Appreciation and thankfulness are very powerful antidotes to anxiety and worry. If you haven’t tried this lately, just write down the top three biggest blessings in your life and it is my guess, none of the three things will involve money.

Happy July Wednesday. KT

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