I don’t often refer to a movie in a scriptural context. That said, one could make the exception with the movie Rudy. It is one of the top 5 guy movies of all time.

I have seen the movie probably 25 times and it has a great message. The message is that, heart (the will to overcome) is greater than just having talent. The movie is about a kid from Chicago who dreamed of playing football for Notre Dame. He was 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing without a spec of real football talent but ended up being the only football player since 1975 to be carried off the field on the shoulders of his teammates. He only played in one game and then only for a couple of plays, yet he stirred the hearts of his teammates and Notre Dame because he would not give up on his dream. What a great story and also a true story.

He is probably like many of us in that he didn’t come from the right family, didn’t live in the right area, didn’t go to the right school, didn’t have the right look, didn’t know the right people and was stereotyped as too little, too slow and too dumb with no athletic ability. His real name is Rudy Ruettiger and he is 67 years now and still lives in Joliet Illinois. There are many YouTube videos of him speaking to groups about life, dreams and determination. He is the real deal. KT

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